About Us


Kontomen was founded on Bijelo Polje as a private company whose main activity is intellectual services in the field of finance, accounting and business.

Business centre in Belgrade was established in April 1991 and business centre in Bar was open in July 1991.

The office in Podgorica was opened in 1996 and it became the company’s headquarters in 2007.

The company has turned 29 years of existence, surviving the turbulent conditions on the Balkans (SFRY, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, Montenegro).

The company employees over 50 people in the past period and now has 8 full-time employees, 6 of them with a university degree.

For the past 29 years, Kontomen has provided financial and business services to over 450 companies located in Bijelo Polje, Belgrade, Bar, Budva and Podgorica.

More than 5000 final accounts have been completed. From 1998 to date, over 50 assessments and audits have been made for the needs of the Development Fund, Montenegrobank, the Commercial Court and other legal entities.

The founder and CEO of Kontomen is Čabarkapa Radomir - Rade, economist. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1977, majoring in Finance and Accounting.

From 1977 to 1991 he worked in Vunko Bijelo Polje as CFO, Interbank director and commercial director. Vunko was a textile factory employing around 2100 workers.

He has been a court expert since 1991.

Kontomen uses new generation business and accounting software developed by Biznisoft that meets the needs and requirements of our wholesale clients - merchandise accounting, construction, services and retail.

Currently, Kontomen has concluded business cooperation and tax consulting with over 150 companies.